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Stem Cell Treatment


What is Stem Cell treatment?

Stem cell treatments encompass a wide variety of treatment options, some of which are backed by solid scientific evidence and others with little to no scientific backing. Dr. Kandil only performs procedures with high quality peer-reviewed scientific studies and for orthopedic conditions, the gold standard stem cell treatment is bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC), which contains adult stem cells. The evidence is growing, but is not as advanced as that for other orthobiologic treatments such as PRP. BMAC is obtained after processing bone marrow that is removed from your own bone. BMAC is rich in adult mesenchymal stem cells as well as other proteins and growth factors necessary for healing and reducing inflammation.

BMAC injections are safe, effective, and minimally invasive treatment option for patients with certain orthopedic conditions, primarily knee arthritis at this time. BMAC is injected directly into the arthritic knee in the office.

Specifically, BMAC is a procedure that results in collection of bone marrow that contains a high concentration of adult mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors.  These stem cells and growth factors help stimulate cellular growth and accelerate healing.  

What is the science behind stem cell treatments?

Orthopedic stem cell therapy offered by Dr. Kandil uses adult stem cells harvested directly from the patient’s own bone marrow.

Adult mesenchymal stem cells have the ability to divide, duplicate, and differentiate into more than one type of cell. Specifically, they can differentiate into cartilage cells, bone cells, tendon cells, etc. BMAC is rich in adult mesenchymal stem cells as well as other proteins and growth factors necessary for healing and reducing inflammation.


Which conditions are treated with stem cells?​

Stem cell treatment is an option for patients with mild to moderate knee arthritis who have not experienced an improvement in symptoms after non-surgical treatment such as physical therapy, modified activities, and medication, and are searching for an alternative to surgery.


How much does stem cell treatment cost?

Total stem cell BMAC cost with Dr. Kandil varies depending on injury severity, number of required injections, etc. Treatment regimens are based on the best available scientific evidence

Since stem cell injections are still considered experimental in the medical field, most insurance does not cover the procedure at this time and are therefore cash pay only.


How is a stem cell procedure performed?

Dr. Kandil performs the BMAC procedure in the office without general anesthesia. Procedure begins with giving patients two oral medications to make the patient comfortable during the procedure. Most patients describe a feeling of pressure, but no significant pain, during the bone marrow aspiration.

The procedure begins with aspirating bone marrow with a special needle after adequate numbing with local anesthetic.  Multiple passes through different portions of the bone to get the optimal and adequate amount of bone marrow is done. The bone marrow fluid is then placed in a centrifuge to optimize the concentration of bone marrow stem cells and growth factors. The final BMAC is then injected into the arthritic joint.

Total procedure time is about 2 hours and patients go home the same day, but must have someone to drive them back home due to the pain medications. Dr. Kandil performs the entire procedure.


Are stem cell injections safe?

BMAC injections are a safe, effective, and minimally invasive treatment option for patients with certain orthopedic conditions. Most patients have no adverse reaction to the injections, but reported side effects include localized joint pain and swelling, painful walking, and limited range of motion. However, these side effects typically resolve after a few days and no long-term negative side effects or risks have been reported. Bone marrow aspiration can cause a hematoma at the aspiration site. Any injection, including simple blood draws may increase the risk of bleeding or infection.

Patients with a history of bone or bone marrow cancers should not have this procedure done.


​Are stem cell injections effective?

Dr. Kandil is a strong believer in evidence-based medicine and all treatment decisions are firmly rooted in the best available scientific evidence. He follows a strict set of protocols to ensure a patient is an ideal candidate for stem cell injections in order to eliminate any concerns about stem cell cost and outcome. Many patients find comfort in stem cell cost after discussing the treatment option in great detail with Dr. Kandil. The kits used by Dr. Kandil and his orthopedic team are FDA approved


What should I do and expect after injections?

  • Activity modification and icing is recommended for the first 3 days

  • NSAIDs (Anti inflammatory medications) such as Ibuprofen or Aleve are stopped 2 weeks before and 6 weeks after.  Tylenol may be taken for pain control

  • Patients who had BMC can expect mild swelling and mild bruising at the pelvis harvest site. Icing will diminish this pain

  • All BMAC patients receive a prescription for physical therapy or physician guided exercises. Movement and exercise are essential to stimulate a healing response.

  • Most patients can expect to see improvement within 6 weeks after injection and positive effects can last greater than a year


How do I know if I’m a good candidate for stem cells?

Call (703) 665-2720 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kandil, or fill out this form online and we will call you back

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