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ELBOW FRACTURE                                           KANDIL NOTES


  • A distal humerus fracture is an injury to the major bone that comprises the elbow

  • Usually occurs in younger males and older females

  • May be associated with nerve or artery injury

  • Most common complication is stiffness, even with a successful surgery


  • Often due to fall on elbow with outstretched arm

  • Sometimes associated with elbow dislocation


  • Pain and tenderness of the elbow

  • Elbow stiffness and loss of elbow straightening or bending

  • Elbow swelling and bruising


  • Treatment of elbow fractures depends on the fracture pattern

  • For truly nondisplaced, simple fractures, conservative management with cast can be considered

  • Most distal humerus fractures are highly unstable and are usually treated with surgery

  • If fracture is reducible, surgical fixation with two plates and multiple screws

Elbow fractures capture 1.png
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