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TIBIAL PLATEAU FRACTURE                                          KANDILNOTES


  • A tibial plateau fracture is a break in the shinbone portion of the knee joint

  • The classification system for tibial plateau fractures is called the Schatzker classification. It is descriptive and depends on the location of the fracture lines on the shinbone

  • These fractures are often associated with meniscus tears

  • Bimodal distribution meaning these fractures occur in younger males in their 40s and older females in their 70s


  • Tibial plateau fractures usually are traumatic and usually occur due to falls or twisting injuries

  • Varus or valgus force on the knees are often implicated


  • Tibial plateau fractures are associated with immediate pain and swelling

  • Inability to weight bear on the knee is common


  • Tibial plateau fracture treatment depends on fracture type and displacement (separation of the fracture pieces)

  • Tibial plateau fractures without significant separation of the fracture pieces can sometimes be managed without surgery

  • Non-surgical management consists of either cast or knee brace locked in extension with protected weight bearing. This is followed by progressive bending of the knee under physical therapy guidance

  • Tibial plateau fractures with significant separation of the fracture pieces and that affect your ability to bear weight are usually managed without surgery

  • Surgery consists of repair of the fracture usually with a plate and screws, but sometimes with just screw fixation, depending on fracture type

tibial plateau fracture capture 1.PNG
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