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DISTAL BICEPS RUPTURE                           KANDIL NOTES


  • The biceps muscle has two origins in the shoulder area and one insertion in the elbow area. 

  • A distal biceps rupture is a tear of the biceps tendon where it inserts on the radius bone

  • Tears are characterized as partial or complete tears

  • Most commonly occurs in males in their 40s


  • Usually occurs when lifting a heavy object while the elbow is stretching out

  • Risk factors include: SmokingSteroidsTendinitis


  • Pain in the front of the elbow

  • Often hear a pop after an injury 

  • Tenderness over the biceps tendon in the area of the elbow


  • For patients with partial distal biceps tears or elderly patients willing to sacrifice elbow function

  • A course of physical therapy can be considered

  • Anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen may help decrease inflammation

  • For patients with complete distal biceps tears

  • Surgery is usually recommended. Surgery consists of distal biceps repair back to the bone

  • Results are very good with surgical management with most patients achieving pain relief without significantly compromising function. 

distal biceps rupture capture 1.png
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