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ANKLE IMPINGEMENT                                             KANDILNOTES


  • Ankle impingement occurs when there is irritation of the tibia bone on the talus with ankle dorsiflexion

  • From an epidemiologic standpoint, impingement occurs more common in athletes, especially soccer, football, and basketball

  • Pain is in the front of the ankle

  • Swelling is sometimes present

  • Usually no pain when the foot is in neutral position. When the foot is brought up towards your head, pain is worse

  • Running and jumping activities often exacerbate the pain 


  • Repetitive motion of the ankle with weightbearing, such as sports participation


  • Patients with ankle impingement often complain of pain in the front of the ankle

  • They often report tenderness to palpation, swelling, and weakness with walking


  • Treatment consists of non-operative vs. operative

  • Nonoperative treatment entails physical therapy, activity modification, anti-inflammatories

  • Corticosteroid injections can be helpful in reducing inflammation and pain in the anterior ankle joint

  • Surgical treatment involves arthroscopic removal of the bone spurs to increase space between the ankle bones and decrease impingement and inflammation

ankle impingement capture 1.PNG
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